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The production assortment of HOLKOF GmbH includes all known flavor profiles of the STAR-MIX brand
as well as an extensive product portfolio in the usual quality - Made in Germany.

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| Combi STAR® Seasonings for scalded & dry sausages  
| Taste STAR® Topnotes Taste STAR Range |
| Stabi STAR® Binding systems & Emulgatoren  
| Red STAR® Colour systems  
| Ham STAR® Seasonings & additives for delicacies  
| Start STAR® Starter cultures Gost STAR |
| Salami STAR® Seasonings for Salami Gost STAR | Just Salami |
| Grill STAR® Seasonings & additives for BBQ products Schaschlik | Grill STAR-Range |
| Safe STAR® Durability systems  
| Pasteten STAR® Seasonings for pies and liver sausages  
| Cure STAR® Raw ham and delicacies Cure STAR |
| Fisch STAR® Maturing agents, stabilizers, seasoning mixes,
dyes and emulsifiers for fish processing
| Milch STAR® Cultures for fermented milk products