Cure STAR® |

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Starter cultures in meat processing are not used alone in traditional salami.
Our non-visible friends also help in the production of such specialties as raw ham, meat chips, "mett"-sausages, mold salami,...

HOLKOF presents the novelties for assortment expansion in the field of specialties.

Raw ham STAR spicy |
Raw ham STAR Gypsy |

Savory seasonings to the matured air-dried cured ham

Jerky STAR Plus 30 |
Jerky STAR Decor |

Meat snacks - simple and delicious!

Mating STAR Combi |

A seasoning mixture for spreadable sausages

StartStar Edelschimmel |

The cultures form a uniform white lawn of noble mold on the surface, giving the product a beautiful look and aroma.